Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The MAGIC RIVER OF MONEY - Unique New Personal Finance Book -By Ryan Petty

Full title:

The Life-Changing Magic River of Money that Flows from Tidying Up


Make & Save Money Across a Lifetime 
With Common Sense Decisions to Declutter, 
Simplify & Organize Your Life

In answer to your question: Yes, The Magic River of Money does have something to do with Marie Kondo’s bestselling book on decluttering and organizing your possessions.

But it’s not a summary.

Instead, it offers an appreciative but critical review of her book (comprising Part 1 of mine).

It’s a critical review on a mission... to set the stage for Part 2... where Magic River of Money becomes... a whole ’nother animal entirely.

The critical review of Marie Kondo's Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is the takeoff point for a book on personal finance that goes far beyond her vision of a simpler, better organized, domestic life (which I do appreciate and admire).

Part 2 is called, “The Life-Changing Magic River of Money."

New Financial Opportunities Applicable to Middle Class, Hard Working Americans

Part 2 of my Magic River of Money book (and the bulk of the narrative) is a practical guide to the financial opportunities that open up - become possible - once you qualify by first decluttering, simplifying, and organizing your lives.

In essence, those of us who reestablish control over our possessions acquire more choices - a greater latitude for financial decision-making - than those of us who don’t.

Rather than tell you more about my new book or go into the opportunities here, let me suggest that, if you are interested, you:

1. Go to Amazon.com and search for The Magic River of Money.

2. Buy the book or download the FREE sample, but give it a try.

3. Start following the book’s blog at www.MagicRiverofMoney.com.

3. Read the additional free sample of the book, if you like. It’s found in 3 consecutive blog posts on the book’s web site. Again, that's at: www.MagicRiverofMoney.com.

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