Thursday, March 10, 2016

Writing Two Books at a Time - Part Two

Ryan Petty

Since my February 26 blog post began this series, I’ve finished one of my two projects. 

The book on the subject of “how to decide (among the many possibilities) which book to write next” is now in production and should be available as a Kindle eBook from Amazon by the end of this week.

But writers write... and I’m already back to writing two books at a time.

I continue to work on the memoir project AND I’m writing a children’s picture book. 

The thing to know about the children’s picture book is that it’s intended to be the first in a series. I’ve written synopses for the first several titles and continue to refine them, even as I’m writing the first manuscript.

In a sense then, you could say I’m working on more than two books simultaneously. The real number is somewhere between 5 and 8 (depending on what you count).

But this isn’t extraordinary in my judgment - not at all.

As I indicated in the first blog post on this subject, I believe the Hundred Acre Wood is full of authors writing more than one book at a time.


How about you: What two (or more) book projects are you currently writing?

Are you writing them in sequence (with each at a different stage)? Or in parallel?

Are they in the same genre? Or does one draw on another part of your brain or another source of energy?

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