Friday, August 5, 2016

My Alter Ego, Sage Merriman, and I Have Published Eight eBooks in 3 Months - Ryan Petty

Ryan Petty

Just a quick note say, I’ve completed the publication of my 7-book pictureless picturebook series (“Books With No Pictures”)... visible at

I’ve been busy blogging about the series at

And I’ve been Tweeting (via @SageMerriman) about it and the best of children’s picturebooks, IMHO.

The Books With No Pictures Series includes the following titles in order of publication date:

  1. BOSSY PANTS (a book with an attitude)
  2. CARDBOARD BOX (fun with guess what?)
  3. GREEN BOAT (a kids’ book and homage to William Carlos Williams)
  4. ESKIMO KISSES (creative nonfiction)
  5. MAMA DUCK (traditional “duck” story with a twist)
  6. PIGGIES & TOES (traditional nursery rhyme used as a point of departure)
  7. HUMAN BEANS (creative nonfiction) 

With apologies for my delinquency in communicating through this blog... I invite you to please catch up...  using any of the above links.

:o )

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