Saturday, April 1, 2017

Beta Readers Invited to “Test Drive” BUMBY & THE SILVER BEACH: AN ERNEST HEMINGWAY STORY (11,500 words)

Famous writer stars as lead character in historical fiction preview from author Ryan Petty. 

BUMBY & THE SILVER BEACH tells the story of Hemingway and his four-year old son... and a walk they take through the streets of Paris on October 20, 1927... to pay a social call on the owner of the famous Shakespeare & Company... in the children’s area of her bookstore.

It’s an ordinary day... that will frame these three lives... in ways you will not soon forget. 

Nor, as the story unfolds, will they....

BUMBY & THE SILVER BEACH consists of 11 short chapters plus an Afterword and a Note from the Author (about the surprising mix of truth and fiction in this story). 

Beta Readers will receive the fairly-polished 3rd draft manuscript with illustrations and a street map showing the Hemingways’ route through the glory days of post-World War I Paris. 

The manuscript is approximately 11,500 words — 1/4 the length of an average novel. 


To participate: 

Send an email with “BUMBY" in the subject line, to:

You will receive the manuscript in prompt reply.

Expectations of Beta Readers are flexible - provide feedback any way you like. (Tough love welcomed.)

Those participating will also receive notice when BUMBY & THE SILVER BEACH is published in its final form in May of this year.

Tell your friends.

[This offer expires April 12, 2017, or when over-subscribed.]

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Craft an Author Business Plan in Ten Easy Steps

I’ll be teaching a morning workshop (50 minutes) on this subject next Saturday, November 5th, at the Write in the Harbor  conference sponsored by Tacoma Community College. 

More info here.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Announced Today: Publication of BOXED SET - 7 BOOKS WITH NO PICTURES (THE COMPLETE SERIES) by Sage Merriman

Ryan Petty

Sage Merriman is a pseudonym, a persona really, that I use when writing and publishing books for children.

I announced today at the culmination of a 7-book series of experimental books for children: Now available in a single digital volume.

Read more about it here.


The book is available for purchase or FREE sample, here.

:o )

Saturday, September 17, 2016

What He Did in the War (World War II)

Ryan Petty

The other day I was in Tacoma early in the morning, and I stopped at a McDonalds (the one on W 6th). 

There were several old men in a coffee clutch and I got into a conversation with them. One of them was an old guy in a WWII Veteran ball cap. 

As I prepared to leave, I asked him about his service in order to thank him for it. 

I asked where he’d served.

In typical WWII fashion, he said only, “Europe.”

Then I asked him what he’d done,.

He said, “Omaha Beach.”