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I am a very lucky man. I live on a ridge line high above Puget Sound with my wife, Melissa, and memories of a big dog named Chief.

I’ve retired into an entrepreneurial small business that occupies about half of my day. I write and self-publish books & blog about self-help/personal finance (www.MagicRiverofMoney.com).  I also write about small business, particularly the business of independent writing and publishing (www.AuthorBusinessCEO.com).

I was the proprietor of Cold Mountain Press, a small press literary publishing house in Austin, Texas from 1972 to 1981.

I have aspirations to write fiction and memoir and am working on several things... but taking them slowly, wanting to get them right.

I trained as an attorney but spent 30 years as an economic developer. What I loved about the economic development career was the opportunity it gave me to help local communities, small business owners, and entrepreneurs, while the jobs people need.

My passion now is to help others by writing books, blogs, and newsletters. 

In August 2015, I published The Life-Changing MAGIC RIVER OF MONEY that Flows from Tidying Up… as an eBook available from Amazon.

The book’s subtitle is: Make and Save Money Across a Lifetime with Common Sense Decisions to Declutter, Simplify, & Organize Your Life.

It offers unique, common sense strategies for meeting life’s financial challenges. It’s a guidebook that puts you in charge of your own destiny. Surprisingly, the process begins with the simple act of decluttering and organizing your household possessions… but it quickly moves beyond that, into a sequence of financially consequential decisions for which decluttering is the ticket of admission.  

Like Alice looking down the rabbit hole, you’ll find more inside than you think.

In September 2014, I published AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY (originally titled, WRITE-LIVELIHOOD: HOW TO CRAFT A WRITER’S BUSINESS PLAN) as an Amazon eBook. It was the first in a planned, multi-volume Author Business Series. 

I recently published a much shorter version: AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY [Condensed]. 

News of other titles in the Author Business Series will first be visible through the RyanPettyAuthor web site.

The needs of authors to engage in business will only grow more acute in the coming decades. My hope is to ease the pain and smooth the transition. At stake is the author's ability to become financially and creatively independent, enough to fully develop his or her work for readers.

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I welcome correspondence.

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-Ryan Petty
Tacoma, Washington

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