November 10, 2023


New Picture Book from Provision House 

Engages Critical Thinking Skills

Elves in the Böökhouse is a puzzle of a children’s picture book.... written by Ryan Petty with illustrations by Vera Kulikov... is about a group of Elves who take over a curbside library (aka a böökhouse) — or do they? Are they there, at all? 

Do the Elves exist, in fact?

[Note the grappling hook at the roof peak and the rope hanging down across the böökhouse window. Not to mention the glow of firelight inside.]

No Elf is ever seen and the question of whether the Elves exist or not... becomes something a little girl named Raye (aka the heroine) and Tummy (her cat)... don’t quite see eye-to-eye about. 

They have no choice but to decide for themselves each day as they refresh the stock of books on the library's shelves — replacing those the neighborhood children borrow. 
Clues are evident — but how should they be interpreted? 

And with what consequences? 

The children you get to read to will, likewise, have to make their own decisions. As the story ends, be sure to ask what they think and why. 

It’s the best part of the book — no lie.