Sunday, January 31, 2016

Announcing Self-Publishing Then & Now - A Series of Blog Posts on Transformational Change in Self-Publishing

Ryan Petty

Friends, just want to make you aware that I’m writing a series of blog posts on transformational change in self-publishing. The introduction to the series and its first 5 mini-essays are already available.

The series is published through my web site since its purposes and those of the web site are so closely aligned.

I’m also thinking about putting some of this material on Wattpad. If you have experience with Wattpad as a vehicle for publishing works-in-progress, please let me know what you think.

Announcing: 10 Steps in 10 Days to Craft an Author Business Plan -A Guide to Fast & Effective Development of Unique Business Strategies

Ryan Petty

Something Unusual: A Condensed Book with Significant Additional Content

The story on this book is that it condenses the new and expanded 2nd Edition of AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY. But, recognizing why people read condensed books (because they are in a hurry -duh!), I asked this question:

What more could be provided to make the business planning process for authors as fast as effective as possible?

The rest of the story is in this blog post on the AuthorBusinessCEO web site where I’m owner, proprietor, general manager, author, editor, publisher, and yes, CEO.

:o )

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

After 3 months, 3 new chapters, 3 new appendices... Announcing the 2nd Edition of AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY

By Ryan Petty

To be honest, editing for the 2nd Edition of AUTHOR BUSINESS PLANS MADE EASY turned into a bigger project than I had bargained for.

I thought I’d be done in 3 weeks.

What I discovered though was that I’d learned a lot - and the book publishing industry had changed a lot - in the year and a half since initial publication.

I had new ideas and more to say... and a few corrections... and some tightening to do... for a better book.

Not to repeat myself, I write further on this subject on my companion blog at