Saturday, June 25, 2016

BOSSY PANTS - An Experiment in Children’s Book Publishing Begins

By Ryan Petty

A Children’s Book Writer Comes Out of His Writerly Closet - But Writes with a Pseudonym - "Sage Merriman"

I’ve been writing children’s picture book manuscripts for the last twenty years and have finally decided to give it the attention it deserves.  

This may have been occasioned by receiving the word from our daughter that my wife, Melissa, and I will soon be grandparents. 

O frabjous day! Callooh! Calla!  

As to the pseudonym, I think it more a persona. I am happy to acknowledge it and the body of work that will be gradually revealed. I think it best though to use a pen name in order to create a brand to help readers distinguish my children’s book efforts from those of my non-fiction and future fiction for adults.

BOSSY PANTS Published in a New Format - An Experiment with a Purpose....

My New Book, BOSSY PANTS, is FREE today and tomorrow

BOSSY PANTS is the first of six books (to date) published in the Books With No Pictures series. These books are written in a new but familiar format: that of the children’s picturebook - but (full disclosure) without the pictures. 

There is method in this madness... the jolt of weaning off of picture-dependence at a point in time when learning to read becomes a distinct (if gradual) possibility.

The format creates an alternative bridge (or handrails on the bridge) from children’s picture books to chapter books along the road to true literacy.

Give BOSSY PANTS a try. A second title in the series, CARDBOARD BOX, has also been recently published. And the next four books, GREEN BOATESKIMO KISSESMAMA DUCK, and PIGGIES & TOES are available for Pre-Order. 

All six titles will be published by July 1, 2016.

Download your FREE copy of BOSSY PANTS here from Amazon.